Friday, May 30, 2008

Jenn and Josh~ a weekend to remember

I have been avoiding doing this blog. WHY? Well, in doing Jenn and Josh's wedding blog it means it is over, and I don't want to let them go. Seriously, I am so attached to this couple. I am so honored to have been apart of their day and so sad I have no excuses to call. Their wedding was perfect. Jenn looked amazing, Josh was beaming and the party rocked! They had by far the best music ever! Jenn and Josh are my kindred spirits in the music department. When Billie Jean came on I couldn't stop myself, I was dancing around the room. I will get some of Robyn amazing shots up here tomorrow, but here are a few of mine. Here are some of the ballroom looking amazing, Jeanne Russell did an outstanding job with the flowers. The cookie favors were made by Jenn and her mom and sweet! The cupcakes were done by the guys at the Bankery! Then a few from the rehearsal. Here are my top ten moments of the wedding:
1. Jake (the ring dog) howling during Josh's cousin's performance of trumpet Voltaire.
2. Jen's dad (the Cornell) giving me the one four about the details and when I answered all his questions quickly and precisely he replied, "I knew you knew what you were doing!" He was the biggest softer ever!
3.When Jen,her sisters and Mom all danced together with the Cornell to Brown Eyed Girl
4.Josh and his Mom dancing to Into the mystic by Van Morrison, I cried.
5.That Josh put his jacket on and bowed to his Mom before dancing, what a gentleman
6.Everyone singing "happy birthday" to Josh's dad
7.When it started to rain, Jen looked right at Josh and said, "what are we going to do" and he replied "relax"... I cried then too.
8.Flo (Jenn's mom) and Jenn's face when they say the escort table and the ballroom
9.The guys marching into the ceremony to the "imperial march" and how the crowd laughed.
10.Josh's face when he saw Jenn

This is one of those couples I just KNOW will live happily ever after!

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Jennifer said...

The pictures look amazing. You truly are our savior and made the weekend run so smoothly (even though the bride's side lost the soccer match). From rain to dogs howling to secret weddings in the garden, you had it all under control. We can never thank you enough and I know we will keep in touch!!!
-Jenn & Josh