Friday, December 11, 2009

For Sasha~ Inspiration Board #1

Sasha is the bride that wedding planner/designers dream of. She know what she likes but trusts my design capabilities. When I met her in Portland, we began to discuss her vision and her family and friends. I knew instantly that the perfect venue for her fall wedding was the Asticou Inn. The Asticou is one of my favorite venues. Their service and staff are impeccable and their view is breathtaking. It is perfect for city and country folk alike with shopping, restaurants and Acadia National Park five minutes away.
Mount Desert Island is a great location for a destination wedding.

As I talked to Sasha I knew her style screamed a vintage, elegant, tented wedding.

When I showed her a picture of a Sperry Tent, she fell in love as well. These tents create an empty canvas where any design will pop!! When talking about colors she talked about soft pastels, but didn't seem sold on it. As I pushed her further and asked her what flowers she was drawn to she said dahlias. Bold and unique flowers, I decided to do bold colors with a deep plum as the base color, using orange, yellow, pink, and reds in vintage vases and tins to make the colors pop. This is only a suggestion as we are still looking for dresses, etc. However, I wanted to show Sasha how her wedding could be unique, bold without being over the top. Hope you like it!!!

I am calling this Inspiration Board #1. Let's see what Sasha likes and what she wants to tweak. Designing is a continuous process of change until we find a design that grab the essence of the bride and groom

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Kate Parker Wedding GTG!!!

I was honored a few months ago to connect with Kate Parker and her newest adventure. It is My KPW an interactive vendor directory. It is an amazing opportunity. It has been a blast to watch it start to grow and to see Kate's vision come to a fantastic reality. Just to be a small part of it is so exciting! I truly believe this will change how everyone, bride and vendor, look at the wedding planning process. Kate is really working hard to make MyKPW have a "family" feel. She hosts get-togethers regularly in different locations. I was able to make the last one at the Emilie Inc. Studio. This dessert and wine party was fabulous!!! The incredible dessert were made by Jessica Parrott of Nothing Bakes Like A Parrott. Soooooo GOOD!!! Perfect for your dessert buffet at your reception or rehearsal dinner. Emilie Studio is adorable, showcasing her amazing work and has a adorable lounge area, as well as a work area. She was such a gracious host and such a trooper. Emilie had an pneumonia!!

Please check out Emilie's blog for all the pictures. Emilie and Kate thank you for hosting this event. Jessica, your dessert were incredible!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When paths cross...Inspiration Board for Lily

Once in awhile you cross paths with someone and it is just amazing. Last week I went to dinner with a group of woman in business. I met a woman named Jennifer, as we talked I just fell in love with her. She is a cancer survivor and works for the Susan G. Komen fund. As we were chatting she talked about her daughter, Lily, getting married in Camden in August of 2010. We began to talk design and before you know it, we decided to work together. Lily is wanted a contempary, New York, wedding with a color palette of yellow and grey. I can't wait till August to see it become a Reality.

Laura~ An Evening Summer Wedding

Laura contacted me to help with her wedding design. She wanted an elegant evening, summer wedding. Her vision was have the room to be elegant but still have the fun of summer. We decided on an aubergine for the primary color and pop it with pinks to keep the summer, fun feel. Laura and Jimmy wanted to also give a nod to Jimmy's Japanese heritage. Therefore, I suggested using Calla Lilies for it's elegant shape. Simple and modern yet elegant and significant. To keep the summer fun, I suggested she offer her guest paper fans and parasols.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Inspiration Board for Steph

When Steph first contacted me and we began to discuss her vision, her family home, Ingleside, was mentioned over and over. When I asked her about this. She explained the history of this amazing house in Blue Hill. Three generations married in blue hill and her Grandmother was married at Ingleside as well. When I went to visit the home with Steph's mom, I too fell in love with this oceanside house. I met Steph's aunts and heard all about each of their weddings in Blue Hill and the history of this home. These are the weddings I love! Unique destinations that hold great significance to the couple. When we talk colors and design. Steph said one word, Hydrangeas!!! So we are running with it. LOTS of hydrangeas in blues, whites, and green. The ceremony and cocktail hour will be at Ingleside and then the cocktail reception will be at the Blue Hill Country Club. Steph really wants her guests to mingle and dance and enjoy her beloved Blue Hill. Therefore we are doing a more cocktail dinner with stations, lounge areas and dancing.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Inspiration Board for Brooke!!

She had some of the major vendors done and was looking more for help with the design and planning the flow of the weekend. I met with Brooke's mother and knew I was going to love working with this family!

Brooke and Andrew really wanted a classic coastal wedding. They loved the blue palette with white accents. Classic, clean,and yet contemporary. Brooke was drawn to the starfish, so we are planning on using the starfish with a modern twist, using clean lines. Here is my Inspiration Board for Brooke and Andrew. I will repost it again on the night of their rehearsal so you can revisit the inspiration when we get to see the reality!!