Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Glam Wedding Sneak Peek!!

submerged orchid with the dutch pink hydrangeas, spider mums, ranunculus, and pink stalk.  Detailed  with a Damask Ribbon.  

Lanie's Bouquet~ white hydrangeas, David Austin roses, ranunculus,  and black and white anemones.  Wrapped with Damask ribbon and pink pins 

Lanie's wore black and white cowboy boots and she TOTALLY rocked them!! 

The amazing St. John's Catholic Church

Pink stalk added a pop of color on the back linen with white napkins and white chiavari chairs. 
Amazing cake made by Market Bistro, with a damask cake stand and sugar  black and white anemones.

Lanie and Rick on our beloved Columbia Street!

I truly believe these two will live Happily Ever After!

I LOVE when bride's trust me.  Lanie, was a Dream to work with.  She wanted an intimate wedding for 50 that was glamorous and fun.  When corresponding with her I found a quote on her facebook page.  It said this....
I believe in pink. . . .I believe in kissing, kissing a lot . . . and I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. -Audrey Hepburn

This quote was the entire basis of my design.  I went for a 1950s vibe using black and white damask print accent with bright pink... 

Lanie wanted the reception in our studio and we were THRILLED to do it here.  The front end of the studio was were we set up for dinner.  Round tables were set up with black linens and white chiavari chairs and white napkins.  The dishware was white with silver pattern along the edge.  Pink stalk was set on the place settings for a pop of color.  Tall centerpieces to make a big statement, the square vessels with submerged orchids, with large arrangements of pink dutch hydrangeas, pink ranunculus, pink David Austin roses, spider mums.  
Bar and lounge were in the back of the studio.  The bar served beer and wine and of course a Pink signature drink, a pomegranate martini.  The centerpieces on the cocktail tables and lounge area as well as the bar were where smaller square vessels with either orchids, and pink stalk.  

Mike Dow rocked the evening away by playing great music and everyone danced the night away.  Rick was a SHOW stopper on the dance floor!!! I will NEVER hear "Footloose" again without thinking of him.  Guests besides dancing had a ball in a photo booth from Maine Photo Booth Company.  

It was a fabulous night.....I believe that Lanie was a happy girl and happy girls are the prettiest girls...

Photo Credit Anne Schmidt

Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Decor Blog on Crates

One of my fabulous designer friends, Rachael Anderson, shared this blog post and I love it!  I have been using apple crates in my house for years!  As bookshelves, toy boxes, & even for holding diapers.  Crates are so versatile & completely shabby chic!  I use them in weddings as end tables in a lounge area.  Aisle markers or vessels to hold programs.  We even have a super cute vintage cracker crate to hold our soap in the studio.  Here are some super sweet ways to use crates, in your home & in your wedding...

With Vintage Shabby Chic & Rustic weddings so trendy right now, try finding a way to use crates in your design, let us do it for you!
Adorable addition to a dessert table, adds great height and texture to the table

water station gives a rustic look

vintage cracker crate filled with Rocky Top soap in our  studio  
The bottom two photos were taken by my cell phone, so forgive the poor quality.  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Mountain Side Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty

Erin & Eric called me to say they were leaving the big wedding behind.  Instead they invited their immediate family and ran away to one of their favorite vacation spots, Bar Harbor Maine.  They asked us to plan & design their wedding, their only guidance being they loved vintage shabby chic, and the color palette of muted purples, creams and marigold.  The concept we came up with was a vintage feel with birch wood, succulants, & milk glass.  Erin's bouquet was very organic with hydrangea, kale, lamb's ear, as well as purple and cream roses.  They were married on top of Cadillac Mountain and ate a gourmet meal at the Looking Glass, a four star restaurant on top on a hill overlooking Frenchman's Bay.  The long family style table had a buttercup bengaline fabric runner and cluster of vintage sherbet cups, milk glass and bottles filled with roses, hydrangea, buttom mums, and kale.  It was here that we received one of our best compliments.  As Amber was sewing a bustle on Erin's dress, Erin's mom commented on the design.  "Erin, she totally nailed it.  Did you tell her what to do?"  Erin replied, "No Mom, we spoke briefly twice and I sent her seven photos of things I like"  Erin's Mom said, "Well, she got everything you wanted and all that you dreamed!"  What a compliment.... see what Erin's vision was
All the Photo Credit Belongs to the Boston Based ADORABLE couple of Rebecca Hansen Photography!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Truffle In A Jar

But that's just what I call it...  You know when you bite into a truffle and the smooth, super-chocolatey goodness is so good that it makes you close your eyes so you can truly savor every note?  Well, that's what will happen to you after the first bite of this stuff.

I'm talking about "Robin's Chocolate Sauce", a rich, velvety concoction that can be heated to pour over ice cream or other goodies, but that is perfectly suited to eat directly from the jar.  In fact, each tiny jar is labeled "spoon chocolate" and comes with its own little spoon, so you don't even have to wait until you get home to eat it!  Robin's is made in Fort Fairfield, Maine, and is committed to using organic and/or fair trade certified ingredients.  There are seven flavors; Original, Blueberry, Raspberry, Ginger Pear, Tropical Dark, Orange Spice, and Bittersweet.  They will make the perfect favor for weddings or other events, including the kind that involve you, your favorite comfy PJs, a good movie, the couch, and a little jar with a spoon.

Come and get it!  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sasha & Sam-August 28, 2010

What an amazing couple!  What an amazing day!  What a pleasure to help such a sincere and down-to-earth pair celebrate one of the most important days of their lives.  They were a treat to work with, and we couldn't be more genuine when we say they deserve all the happiness that life has to offer!

Together Sasha & Sam own Salty Dog Farm, an organic vegetable farm in Milbridge, ME.  As you may have guessed by their chosen life's work, they are dedicated to doing everything they can to preserve the environment.  Even though they wanted to celebrate their marriage in a big way, they wanted everything about it to reflect their commitment, and ultimately their personalities.  sweetest thing was thrilled to help them realize their vision!  The setting; the beautiful Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor, Maine.  The vibe: fun elegance.

The tables were draped in antique lace and the centerpieces included driftwood, dahlias placed individually in small antique bottles, and white votive candles.  We loved shopping for all those sweet, little antique bottles and jars, combing the beaches of Maine for beautiful driftwood, and were absolutely amazed by the shock of colorful dahlias we retrieved from Endless Summer Garden in Camden, ME.  We combed the state for the most amazing vendors and connected Sasha & Sam with Sperry tents, whose luxurious tents are made from recycled sails, and in which were hung the most beautiful vintage-inspired chandeliers.  We also created gift bags for all of their guests; a beautiful recycled-sail Seabag made right here in Maine and crammed with Maine goodies like gourmet chocolates from Black Dinah Chocolatiers, Mad Gabs lip balm, Tom's of Maine toothpaste, artist Rachael Anderson's stunning photo postcards, and delicious lobster gummi candies.

The bride and groom said their I-do's overlooking the harbor and then it was time to party!  Jerks of Grass bluegrass band played the cocktail hour, and Slavic Soul Party made an incredible entrance and led the bride and groom to the dance floor.  We all know what happened next; they danced all night and lived happily ever after.

Congratulations Sasha & Sam!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your amazing celebration!

All photo credit: Michelle Turner 

Check out their Sam & Sasha's inspiration Board & how sweetest thing brought it to reality.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grand Opening Event

We are putting the final touches on our Grand Opening Event here at sweetest thing, and we want you to join us.  Our Open House will run from 1-5pm, and everyone is invited!  Come help yourself to warm cider and Little Lad's popcorn!

For those of you in the industry that may have missed your personal invitation, we're also hosting a VIP event beginning at 6pm.  We've got the lovely Bess Leavitt serenading us to the sounds of her violin, Market Bistro catering some unbelievable goodies, Giacomo's bringing us an amazing canoli bar, and our very own in-house baker, Kathryn, will be treating us to a few baked goods. So, come mingle, but please make sure to let us know you're coming!

Please RSVP to

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grand Opening!

Preparations for the sweetest thing grand opening are officially under way!  We are so excited to be sponsored by some of Downtown Bangor's amazing businesses to make this event a huge success for everyone.  We'll leak details a little at a time to really pique your interest!  For now I shall simply say that there will be goodies of all varieties and you won't want to miss this shindig!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Me & My Seabag.

This summer sweetest thing began offering our line of welcome/out-of-town bags to brides.  These are Seabags stuffed with all kinds of Maine goodies, such as MadGabs lip gloss, earth-friendly water bottles, gummi lobsters, postcards by Rachael Anderson, and a snazzy "hangover" kit.  As we were unpacking the box of wine bags we were to use as the base of these luxurious gifts to the bride's lucky guests,  I was struck by the beautiful individuality of the bags themselves.

Seabags are made right here in Maine, crafted out of of sails that have travelled around the world.  Each sail owner selected a different grade of sail, and depending on the elements they may have been exposed to, their "personalities" are all unique.  Every Seabag has a slightly different texture, seaming that is specific to the sail from which it came, or the occasional mark or string from its former life.  For all of the intricacies I've mentioned, I decided then and there that the best way to buy a Seabag is in person.  Each one is distinct, and will be appreciated by a different person for different reasons.  You should bond with your Seabag!

Guess what?  We have Seabags right here in Bangor at sweetest thing studio!  Come find the one that wants to go home with you!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's the motivation?

We have had many people ask why we decided to open a studio. Well, the answer to that is twofold; we needed more space so that we could expertly execute events, events which now regularly include floral design as part of our services, and we wanted to bring our favorite things to a broader customer base. There are so many amazing Maine artisans that we've had the luxury of discovering in the process of planning and designing events and we want nothing more than to share them with you! Therefore, though we will use the space to meet with our awesome clients and to prepare for weddings and other affairs, the front end of the studio is a boutique. Aside from the obvious goal of supplying you with these amazing products, many of which are specific to Maine, such as Sea Bags, Black Dinah Chocolates, and Rachael Anderson's cards and art, we also want to make the process and experience of design a little more tangible. We want to provide you with the freshest flowers, the most luxurious linens, and other interesting touches that bring our vision together. In short, we want sweetest thing to be the place you come for inspiration, not just for big events, but also for smaller parties and everyday & holiday decorating ideas you can use in your own home. We have so many design concepts and ideas and are excited about the prospect of sharing them with you! For unique gifts and design expertise, please come visit!

48 Columbia St....

Tuesday-Friday~ 11am-6pm


Friday, September 24, 2010

The Studio is opening....the studio is opening!!!

So, it's here, it's really here!  We couldn't believe it when we stumbled over this amazing space back in late May.  While we knew we wanted to make a few changes, overall, it was made for us!  We spent several months stripping floors, having a wall built, painting, and perfecting.  All the while juggling weddings and other events, and this crazy business called motherhood.  After months of late nights and elbow grease, we have, at last, opened our doors.

The space looks incredible, and we know you'll think so too.  So, come show your pretty face at 48 Columbia Street in Bangor.  It's the only place in Eastern Maine to find your very own Seabag!  You'll also find the delicious work of Isle Au Haut chocolatier Black Dinah, and the charming creativity of local gem, artist Rachael Anderson.  We have a selection of gorgeous fresh cut flowers, and will soon have everything you need to decorate the table for your next party, including luxury linens.

We're open Tuesday through Friday from 11-6, and Saturdays from 9-5.  Can't wait to see you!!

Be sure to check out all of the pictures of this amazing (and sweet) transformation!

Monday, August 23, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well.

So much has happened in the world of sweetest thing since we last updated our blog.  Not only is our FABULOUS studio getting closer to opening its doors, but we've been so busy, both personally and professionally, that we've hardly had a chance to breathe!  Don't worry, we'll get better at keeping up.  We promise!

As many of you know, the weekend of July 17th was pretty profound.  We were in the throes of preparing for Kathryn's sister, Wynde's, wedding, which was to take place in Manchester, NH.  Kathryn was busily helping Wynde to create place cards & table numbers and wash vases for centerpieces, while Amber took care of ordering Wynde's gorgeous flowers.  The day of the rehearsal arrived with a typical amount of "good" stress and last-minute errands, culminating in what promised to be a fabulous meal at Fratello's in Manchester.  Amber was on her way to Manchester with the flowers and everything seemed to be running smoothly.  As Kathryn pulled into the parking lot to join her family, the phone rang.  It was Amber calling with some horrifying news; her youngest daughter, Izze, who had been standing 25 feet away from a working lawnmower, had been hit in the face with a rock as it came whizzing out from underneath. 

We won't keep you in suspense.  Izze is fine.  After losing a scary amount of blood, being rushed to the hospital, and an initially terrifying diagnosis, Izze has healed beautifully.  She has the barest hint of a scar on her pretty, little nose, and if you didn't know of the magnitude of her ordeal you would probably think nothing of it.  Amber and her husband Peter were blessed to have friends and family form a protective shield around them almost immediately.  The mess from the afternoon's trauma was washed away, meals were delivered, laundry was taken care of, and perhaps most thankfully, someone came to finish mowing the lawn. 

The craziest thing?  Even after hearing about the accident, but knowing there was nothing she could do until the trauma unit decided how to handle Izze's injuries, Amber managed to drive as far as Saco.  There her beautiful cousin, Noelle, helped her to put together all of Wynde's bouquets before she turned around and headed back to Bangor to be with her girl.  Heather McGlauflin and Andy Willigar then swooped in and saved the wedding day by collecting the flowers from Noelle's house and delivering them to the beautiful bride.  We are both beyond thankful for the support system that revealed itself, in many ways, in the wake of that terrible accident. 

Wynde's wedding was BEAUTIFUL.  She was an absolute vision, and so madly in love with her groom, the incomparable Jason McKnight, that when it came time for her to say her vows she could hardly speak.  The tables were a hit, the flowers were gorgeous, and the day was filled with love and joy. What an amazing celebration.

Below are a few pictures from Wynde's wedding, and one of Izze and Gwyneth (Kathryn's youngest) loving on each other just a few short weeks post-accident.  Trust us when we say that we know well how blessed we are.

Soooo.....  We always say that weddings are kind of like theater.  I'd like to share with you a snippet of dialogue from the movie 'Shakespeare In Love' that I think rather sums it all up:

Philip Henslowe: Mr. Fennyman, allow me to explain about the theatre business. The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.
Hugh Fennyman: So what do we do?
Philip Henslowe: Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well.
Hugh Fennyman: How?
Philip Henslowe: I don't know. It's a mystery.