Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Parker turns 3!!

So my little boy turns three today and heads off to his first day of Preschool on Thursday!! Parker is my charmer, especially with the ladies!!! He loves dinosaurs and will at times not respond to anything but "T-Rex!" He also loves Peter Pan, cars and torturing his sisters...he likes to touch slugs and eat candy! What a cute little man!! He is named after his great-great grandfather, Parker Merriam and after Peter's Dad, Windfield. He makes me laugh at least a hundred times a day and mostly when I am trying to be serious!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Leslie and David!!!! What a weekend

Leslie and David where married Saturday at Loon Lodge in Rangely Maine. It is where David and his family summered his entire childhood, and now as well. Leslie and I along with David's mother worked together to create an elegant, yet rustic tent that captured Rangley's beauty and gardenias, Leslie's favorite flower. We decided on hanging glass lanterns, lovely overlays from BBj Linen, gorgeous moss covered glass vases with white hydrangeas and roses from Sunrise View Farm, and beautiful natural ballroom chairs from Wallace Tent. Leslie had gardenias in her hair, on her shoes, in her bouquet and amazing gum paste gardenias on her carrot cake made by the Bankery. As well as on each table were gorgeous gardenia votive candle holders to tie gardenias to the tablescape. Karen and her staff along with her trusty companion Sam the dog, made a fantastic meal and Mirage Band had everyone dancing the night away. One of the best bands I have ever heard. Sam Warren of Samantha Warren Weddings caught all the moments with her amazing eye. The weather was perfect and the sunset amazing. Truly an incredible weekend!!! Leslie, David, I hope your wedding was the Sweetest Thing!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8 years??!!!!

Peter and I are celebrating our eighth anniversary....wow! We celebrated this morning with some Starbucks coffee, and I tried on my dress for all the kids...and it FIT!!! I was thrilled. It was fun to wear it again and dance with Peter in the living room with four kids hanging off us....how romantic! Then after a long day with the kids I look out my door and there is a box....a box of roses!!! Thanks Honey!! I am still falling in love with you, more and more! Our life has been crazy the last six years, but I wouldn't want to go through it with anyone but you. I am so thankful that as these crazy adventures continue I have you to laugh with!
I am laughing so hard at our pictures...I look so young and so rested! A lot has changed since Peter and I got married, and after all the beautiful weddings this season, I would love to do it again, I would do a lot differently....but I would keep the guy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jessica and Todd on Verona Island

What an amazing weekend....I just love this Family. Jessica and Todd were married at Todd family home on Verona Island, with the ceremony in the backyard and the reception in a Sperry Tent. Todd's Mom is the owner of Verona Island Flowers, and out did herself with the amazing red, orange and yellows for the accent colors to Jessica's Chocolate brown and ivory palette. Her bridesmaid's dresses were fabulous and the girls look like Grecian Goddesses. Jessica herself look fantastic and Todd and the boys looked so handsome in Chocolate brown suits... Then there was Murphy the Great Dane Dog man....and he was adorable with a sunflower collar.....These two family truly celebrated and danced the night away in honor of Jessica and Todd. One of my Favorite moments was when all the Cousins did a dramatic performance of a "whole new world" in honor of Jessica and Todd...by far one of the funniest thing I have ever seen. Michelle Turner captured all the sweet and humorous moments. As always I am honored and feel so blessed to have been apart of this day. Jessica and Todd are so amazing and I am must say Jess, I am a bit Jealous you are now a Russell!
May you live happily ever after!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New fun thing!!!

Sorry for the long time since posting. I have been so busy and really enjoying the beautiful days I have shared with some amazing women!

Peter and I have seen a missing link in Maine's wedding planning.... a photo booth. So we took a plunge and bought two Model 12 digital photo booths. Our new side company is Maine Photo Booth Co. We used it at a few wedding so far and the guests and bride and groom had so much fun! Here are some samples. The picture on the left is me and my two new amazing assistance, Kathyrn and Sara. Kathyrn is my friend and fiery redhead. She is an avid reader and debater on life issues. We have some of the best conversations and yes even debates on our long drives to weddings around the state. She is married and has two beautiful girls. She is a dear friend and a great asset to Sweetest thing Weddings. Sara is also a amazing friend and one of the hardest worker I have ever met. She and I are often asked if we are sisters, and since I consider her quite beautiful I take it as a compliment. She too is married with three children, a boy and two girls. I am so blessed to have such a great team backing me.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My first born is 6????!!!!

Emma turned six today, I had a wedding rehearsal for Jill and Matt in Machais so we had a Birthday breakfast! It was so much fun! We had homemade waffles, with fresh fruit, and cake....now that is breakfast! Happy Birthday Emma, you will be an amazing princess wedding planner when you grow up! Photos of her at age six are coming, my camera broke, just in time for the birthday/wedding season. Until then this is one of my all time favorite pictures of Emma....back when she was a little girl...not as mature as she is now...really MOM!