Monday, February 25, 2008

I need your votes!

I was asked to submit a wedding to the Knot, for a 2007 wedding. I entered Carrie and Adam's 7-7-07 wedding. They say that date brings lots of luck..we will see. Anyway log on and vote for Amber Small' s entry of Carrie and Adam!
The winner would be a feature wedding on the and the knot magazine. I want to represent Maine!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

On the Home Front

The girls and I got new haircuts.... oh and Izze's outfit....she dresses herself, and has a vision about fashion that I can't quite understand. One thing I have learned as a Mom. Pick your battles, so striped shirts and purple dress, sure. Watch out Vera Wang, I see a designer in the future!

Also to my devoted Bloggers, forgive me for my lack of Blogs this week. It was February vacation and therefore, I was a wee overwhelmed with kiddos. We had lots of fun and I am happy to say we survived with flying colors. I am also very happy to report school begins again tomorrow morning. They are so excited. Bags are packed and baths were taken. I guess the girls think I am a little boring compared to school.

Wedding of the Past ~Kasey & Travis 7-9-06

Kasey and Travis were Married at the Lucerne Inn. It was a beautiful day. Kasey looked amazing. Yeah that is me under her dressed. I tell my brides all the time that I desire to get to know them so on their wedding day we won't be strangers. My reasoning is that when your bustle breaks and I need to climb under your dress and sew it, it won't be too weird. Sam Depoy-Warren took these pictures. I love how she sees things and her amazing ability to work with light. We had so much fun this day. I love working with vendors who love their jobs and trust me in doing mine.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sperry Tents!!! Congratulations Potter Family!

I just got a phone call from Bankcroft Potter, owner of Sperry Tents, one of my favorite vendors! He and his wife are having baby #3!! They are as shocked as Peter and I were when we found out about our baby #3. There is something about baby #3 that puts fear into your heart....maybe it is because you know you are now out numbered.

It was great hearing from Banks so I wanted to let all my blog lovers see their AMAZING tents. Sperry tents is one of my favorite vendors. They are so professional, kind, and their product is incredible. Their tents may cost more but they are worth it. No decorations needed, the tents beauty and construction speak for themselves! Congrats Potter family.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Carrie and Adam

Carrie and Adam got married on July 7, 2007 at the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor. I just got these pictures from my friend Audra. She helped me at their wedding due to the fact that I was due to have a baby. They were so beautiful I had to share. Carrie and Adam were one of my all time favorite couples to work with, they were such a beautiful couple as the picture can testify. Carrie's Mom Jeanne is a florist and owns an adorable farm and greenhouse, Verona Island Flowers. Her garden provided the flowers and they were beautiful! When I was done the day I felt like I was a member of the family. Carrie even sent me a baby gift when Thomas was born...four days later.

Look who made the Edge Magazine!

Saying 'I do' weddings

is good for business

February is the month for love and, like many of you, I know couples who are embarking on the exciting, yet often daunting journey of planning a wedding. They have so much to think about, so much to do and so much to spend just to say, “I do!"

After listening to them, I’m convinced that should a wedding ever be in my future, it will be a very simple affair – barefoot on a beach (I’ll save a fortune on wedding shoes!).

What is nice about today’s weddings is that you can have it your way. Whether you opt for a traditional church wedding, a destination wedding to a beach or Vegas, there is no right or wrong way to get married these days. This bodes well for the bride and groom to be, and for entrepreneurs looking for new markets for their businesses.

When we think of weddings and businesses that serve this industry, we often think about the obvious – bridal shops, florists, caterers, photographers and limo drivers. If you fall into one of these categories, you are in a great position to take advantage of a growing industry. According to The Wedding Report, a Web site that tracks the industry, the number of weddings per year is expected to grow to nearly 2.27 million by the year 2010, with the average couple spending $31,400 for their big day.

Destination weddings are also on the increase, and couples are coming to Maine in big numbers to get married. I spoke recently with Amber Small, a Maine-based wedding planner who owns The Sweetest Thing Weddings. Small said that of the 10 weddings she has booked this year, nine of them are couples from out of state.

Think about what this means for Maine’s economy and the opportunities for small businesses. These weddings not only bring couples to Maine, but also their friends and family who will stay in area hotels, eat at restaurants and purchase Maine-made gifts and souvenirs to take home. For many guests, attending the wedding may be their first trip to Maine, but once they realize what a wonderful a place this is, they will likely visit again.

Small also noted that a hot trend in weddings is to provide destination bags for out of town guests that include information about the area, maps, restaurant guides and Maine-made gifts. If you make a product in Maine, this presents an opportunity for you to get that product into the hands of new customers.

Most destination weddings to Maine involve an entire weekend of events to keep the out of town guests occupied. If you have a service or product that would appeal to the wedding party or friends and relatives of the happy couple, you should be marketing to them. Examples might include spa treatments and massages, or special discounts at a retail store. One bride I know arranged for a psychic to offer readings for her bridal party (a risky proposition as I see it). Let's not forget the guys; how about offering golf packages for the groom and groomsmen or deals on other activities guys might want to partake in over the wedding weekend – wholesome ones, of course!

Whatever your specialty, the wedding industry presents a great opportunity to grow your business. There are many ways to market your business to this industry – too many to mention in this column. Start by talking with friends who are planning weddings to find out where they are going for information, and introduce yourself to businesses that already serve the industry, such as wedding planners, florists, bridal shops, among others.

Word of mouth referrals are huge in this industry. So get out there and let people know you would love to do to business with couples in love.

Thanks Deb for the plug! I know I love being in the Business of Love!

I think Maine is the best destination for your wedding and I am so thankful for my amazing couples who are coming to visit Maine or "coming home" to Maine for their Sweetest Memory...their wedding day.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been having some computer issues and could not post on the actual day. I hope everyone's day of LOVE was the sweetest thing. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days. So in honor of Love and Sweetness, here are some of my favorite kisses. Love does come in all shapes and sizes.

At the Small home, we do the same thing every year. I decorate the kitchen with pink streamers, and set the table with heart plates and cups. Peter and I then get all the kids a balloon and have waffles with strawberries and cream. It is so fun to see their reaction. This year Parker was the most amazed. He kept bringing me into the kitchen then saying, "Ta Da!"

I love being in the business of Love!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Congratulations Kate and Peter

Kate and Peter had a beautiful Wedding that celebrated their personalities and family traditions.
The grooms family wore the family tartan. They also celebrated the naval tradition of cutting a cake with a sword. Kate looked amazing in her dress and red shoes. To reflect Kate's fun personality, polka dots where found everywhere. This black, white, and red wedding was a wonderful night celebrating a wonderful couple! I hope you two had a great honeymoon, and I can't wait to see more pictures!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weddings of the Past *** Alex and Andrea***

Alex and Andrea are a sweet couple who wanted their wedding to be fun, yet elegant. They also wanted it to be unique and reflect their personalities and heritage.

Alex and Andrea were Married on Harpswell, Maine on September 2, 2006 at the Common Table. Andrea loves Tiffany's so of course she used Tiffany Blue as an accent color. They were used in the flowers and table runners, and bridesmaid dresses.

They also used the natural elements around them; shells, sea glass, and river rocks. Instead of a guest book, Alex and Andrea, gave each of their 80 guests a river rock and had them write the couple a wish. The guests then put it in a vase, for the newlyweds.
Also to honor Andrea's Spanish heritage a bottle of Spanish wine was on each table. To honor Alex's family, heirloom shells decorated the sweetheart table. They were collected by Alex's grandmother when she was a girl. Alex's brother and Sister-in-law, used the same shells in their wedding.

The surrounding were so beautiful location, they kept the decor to a minimum. Centerpieces were simple candles and the linens were white with a tiffany blue runner, and tiffany blue napkins. White lanterns hung from the ceiling of the tent.

Alex and Andrea and their closest friends and family danced the night away under the stars.
It was the sweetest thing!

Jennifer and Alvaro

Jennifer and Alvaro are having a destination wedding at the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor, Maine. There are many reasons they were drawn to the Mount Desert Island. They are lovers of the outdoors, and Bar Harbor is were Alvaro proposed on top of Bubble Mountain in Acadia National Park.

However, this couple is hoping that when you come to their destination wedding in Maine you will feel like you are also going to a destination wedding in Guatemala. Alvaro native home is Guatemala, and this sweet couple is trying to combine their two worlds. They hope to use many of the cultures beautiful textiles and crafts. They are wanting to give their guests a piece of this Central American country in their favors and coffee in the Out of Town bags.

I am excited to share the culture of this beautiful country as well as showing the guests the beauty and culture of our beautiful state of Maine.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Leslie and David~ Their Engagement Story~

Here is their story, told by Leslie,

"It was very well planned and very romantic. We took a vacation to Greece and we ventured to the island of Zakynthos where we rented mopeds for the day. We traveled up a mountain on the island to a point that is known as "the candle" and is famous for its amazing sunsets. David proposed at the top of the cliff as the sun was setting, overlooking the endless ocean!"

Well Done David!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Knot Debut!

Yesterday my Website was Launched on The Knot. I am excited for this new advertising opportunity. It is still under construction, but I hope to get that finished by the end of the week. I hope this will help people all over the country want me to help them make their wedding the Sweetest thing!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

On the home front....

I have had many requests to see pictures of my "real" life. For those of you who don't know, my handsome husband Peter and I have four beautiful children. I will put up little tidbits about them so you can see how truly glamorous my life is. It has been a big week in the small household as three of the four have been sick. Yet, what trumps that is the baby Thomas, crawled for the first time. He is six months old. CRAZY!! He is one of the earliest crawlers of the clan. Guess he feels the need to keep up with the others. I am so proud of his milestone, but sad that the stationary baby phase is gone and now the games begin.

Here is Thomas John, with his Biggest Sister Emma, age5.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Lisa and Alex

Lisa and Alex met in Indianapolis while training in their residency programs. Alex is from Montreal and lives and works there now. Lisa is living in Hartford, CT and is doing a fellowship program. After she graduates she plans to move back to Montreal. I Love this couple! Lisa and I talk and email often as we are trying to dot all the i's and cross all the t's this week so she can just focus on studying till June. The cake was the last item on our list and I just verified it today. All the "to do's" on my list are crossed off, I am just going to miss talking to Lisa so much. Study hard Lisa! You will do amazing, I just know it!

Noelle and Jeff

Noelle and Jeff are planning to get married October 18, 2008, in Ellsworth,Maine. Jeff's family is from southern Maine, while Noelle's family is from central Maine. They are already compromising by finding a place to get married in the middle. They are working with one of the seasons Hot new colors....any guesses? Orange! It fits this couple's bright and sunny disposition. Noelle is very artistic and has an amazing vision for her wedding. She wants all her guests to have fun, even the little ones. She is doing this with a Candy Buffet, another hot trend in the Wedding world. This is going to be a fun and beautiful wedding, just like the couple.

Introducing Camden, John and Little John!

This Bride-to-be, Camden, called me this morning to remind me her wedding day is less then a year away!! I told her we shouldn't miss this perfect "blog" opportunity. Camden, John and their adorable son, "Little" John are planning a wedding on January 31, 2009. Plans are still in the making but I know her vision is a winter wonderland and a joyous celebration of this sweet and wonderful family! Congrats guys!! T-Minus 365 days! Let the fun begin!