Thursday, September 30, 2010

Me & My Seabag.

This summer sweetest thing began offering our line of welcome/out-of-town bags to brides.  These are Seabags stuffed with all kinds of Maine goodies, such as MadGabs lip gloss, earth-friendly water bottles, gummi lobsters, postcards by Rachael Anderson, and a snazzy "hangover" kit.  As we were unpacking the box of wine bags we were to use as the base of these luxurious gifts to the bride's lucky guests,  I was struck by the beautiful individuality of the bags themselves.

Seabags are made right here in Maine, crafted out of of sails that have travelled around the world.  Each sail owner selected a different grade of sail, and depending on the elements they may have been exposed to, their "personalities" are all unique.  Every Seabag has a slightly different texture, seaming that is specific to the sail from which it came, or the occasional mark or string from its former life.  For all of the intricacies I've mentioned, I decided then and there that the best way to buy a Seabag is in person.  Each one is distinct, and will be appreciated by a different person for different reasons.  You should bond with your Seabag!

Guess what?  We have Seabags right here in Bangor at sweetest thing studio!  Come find the one that wants to go home with you!

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