Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Decor Blog on Crates

One of my fabulous designer friends, Rachael Anderson, shared this blog post and I love it!  I have been using apple crates in my house for years!  As bookshelves, toy boxes, & even for holding diapers.  Crates are so versatile & completely shabby chic!  I use them in weddings as end tables in a lounge area.  Aisle markers or vessels to hold programs.  We even have a super cute vintage cracker crate to hold our soap in the studio.  Here are some super sweet ways to use crates, in your home & in your wedding...

With Vintage Shabby Chic & Rustic weddings so trendy right now, try finding a way to use crates in your design, let us do it for you!
Adorable addition to a dessert table, adds great height and texture to the table

water station gives a rustic look

vintage cracker crate filled with Rocky Top soap in our  studio  
The bottom two photos were taken by my cell phone, so forgive the poor quality.  

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