Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patchwork & Whimsy: A Baby Shower

So, what's a designer to do when the expectant mother makes clear that, though she is having a girl, she is far from "girly"?  In this case, the answer is to provide distinctly feminine touches while indulging the guest-of-honor's slightly more masculine side. The baby shower, by the way, was held at the couple's Manchester, NH home, the centerpiece of which is a red-velvet wallpapered "man room".  To accommodate mom's tastes and blend with the existing decor, we used bright but gender-neutral colors built on a theme of patchwork, carnival stripes and polka-dots.

We used wooden boxes as vessels and filled them with a brilliant combination of bright red mini-carnations, yellow and green mums, purple stalk, Bells of Ireland, sunflowers, fuschia cockscomb, Billy balls, fiddleheads, and roses in yellow, pink, and green.  The arrangements were placed on a homemade tablecloth created to suit the theme: offset patches of pink, grey, green, and purple.  In the background hung a gorgeous banner created from craft paper and reading "elizabeth", each panel adorned with stickered wishes for baby's personality, such as "adventurous spirit", "feisty", and "dreamer". 

Deep-fried tacos and Dr. Pepper, Mom's favorites, were served along with two different types of Sangria.  Guests were sent home with the most incredible cake pops, created to match the theme by the incomparable Wanda Prouty.  All in all, this baby shower was far from traditional and loaded with fun!

All photo credit to Andrew Davis and a special thanks to him for coming out last-minute to take some pretty amazing pictures of our theme! 

Photo credit AndrewDavisPhotography  

Patchwork Baby Shower theme, fiddleheads, wooden boxes.

Baby banner, craft paper, shabby chic, whimsy.

Wanda Prouty cake pops, patchwork whimsy babyshower theme.

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