Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Real Maine Wedding~ Mother of the Bride Experience

As Mothers of daughters, we can't imagine what this moment will feel like, to have a daughter getting married.... How much more different would it be if your daughter won the wedding of her dreams..... Here is Ellen's experience as she tells of her perspective of Laura, Nolan, and this crazy journey....

Hello!  Well, the fabulous wedding planners, Amber and Kathryn asked if I may want to blog and give my reaction to this whole amazing experience.  As the mother-of-the-bride, I have a unique perspective of this wedding...and it has been fantastic!
First of all, nobody knows Laura better than me. I know what this day means to her more than anybody.  From the time she was a tiny toddler, her eyes have been focused on that trip down the aisle when she could be the princess and live happily ever after.  During her teen years, I used to put a Bride magazine in her Christmas stocking rather than the latest issue of Seventeen.  She would daydream for hours!  Most often when she was lost in wishful thinking, her sentences would start  "Someday, when I get married....." and she'd go on to tell me the details of her dream wedding.    Well guess what....dreams DO come true!
Dreaming became a reality when Laura and Nolan entered this contest and WON!  We were so hopeful and so happy during the contest.  The support from everyone was a gift in and of itself.  The day her name was called was un-real.  Wow..this is happening!!  Little did we know things would only get better!  The people we have me along the way have been so generous, so friendly and so sincerely happy for Laura and Nolan.  From the moment we started making plans, everyones focus has been on giving Laura her perfect day.  The vendors have been amazing!  How will we ever be able to thank them?
Not only do I think Laura will be a perfect bride on a perfect day, but I am proud that she will be a good wife for all the years of marriage ahead. She isn't just thinking about her day, but of her life with Nolan.  She loves him with all her heart, as he loves her.  They will be strong together.  They are good TO each other, and good FOR each other.  What more could a mother ask for?
One of life's greatest blessings is to be able to see your children's dreams come true.  I am so blessed to see Laura's dream about to come true, in just a few short days!
(I am so glad her dad is walking her down the aisle.  Otherwise, I think she may break into a run!)  She is more than ready for 'happily ever after'!
Thank you Real Maine Weddings !
Ellen Plaisted

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