Friday, December 16, 2011

shoes.... we know you love them....

Working on the blog tonight and watching Sex and The City seasons.... I mean what can inspire a girl to write more then Carrie Bradshaw.... Well. It's funny how things happen... While checking the stats on our blog (this can become obsessive...just so you know) I discovered a fun fact...

Our inspiration board on Sarah Jessica Parker's dress at the 2010 Oscars.  Take a peek... that blog post got 2,926 page views.

When one thinks of Carrie Bradshaw or Sarah Jessica Parker.... what do you think of... SHOES!!!

Well, that got me thinking... what's a better blog to write about then SHOES!!
I mean think about it....  woman, weddings, and shoes....  A perfect trifecta!

The great thing I have seen trending more and more is the commitment to have shoes be a big part of the the appareal.  Anything goes for shoes... flats, heels, colors, sparkles, pattern.... Well you know us... We wear stilettos in the snow.  SO here are some of our Favorite Shoes in the past years....
Sparkly Aldo Shoes in the Mountains of Maine... Photo Credit- Russell Caron

Heather's adorable Kate Spade shoes.... Such great pattern and color!! Photo Credit- Alexandra Roberts

Photo Credit Audra Photography.... Lisa wore stunning Cole Hann heels 

Lanie wore cowboy boots to honor her Texan roots... Photo credit.. Anne Schmidt photography

Gardenia shoe clips added to make this shoes amazing!! Photo Credit-Sammantha Warren
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Lovely Louboutins at the Asticou Inn... Photo Credit Mark McCall

Riding boots....  perfect for fall weddings... Photo Credit- Rebecca Hansen
LOVE when shoes add a POP of color!  Photo Credit- Sierra Kristen Photography

love these shoes with a short vintage inspired dress!  Photo Credit... My iPhone =)

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