Sunday, August 2, 2009

~Aron and Gita~ A Love Story Made For The Movies

As a planner, you become somewhat attached to each of your clients. You work closely with them for a year, you are a sounding board, a neutral party, and sometimes if you are lucky a friend. I am so attached to Aron and Gita that I don't even know how to introduce them or explain their love story. So I will tell you how I met and fell in love with a film and their makers.

I was born in Bangor, went to school in a town outside Bangor, and live in Bangor now. So when my friend Amy invited me to a Film about Bangor, I was NOT interested...I KNOW Bangor. However, Amy, a former co-work of Aron's, tempted me with a kid free girl's night so I went. (For the Martini before the show!) Well, This film changed my life. It was beautifully made, and it was so touching that it changes your view on life to the core. I wept for most of it, and laughed, and had to know more. Amy, gave me the background of the Director and Producer of the film, Aron and Gita. That they fell and love during the making of the film. Were know engaged. Being the wedding planner I said, "Who is planning their wedding and WHERE??" Amy then informed me that they were not getting married for awhile because they had used their life savings making this film. I knew then they were the couple that Jessika Brooks and I were looking for. See Jessi and I were looking for a couple to throw a pro bono wedding for to showcase the luxury wedding vendors of this great destination spot. Who better then Aron and Gita. SO, Real Weddings Maine, began it's wedding for 2009.

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