Monday, June 14, 2010

A Great New Adventure...... first two announcements....

Five years of Sweetest Thing Weddings!

When I started this company five years ago I was 26 years old, the mother of two beautiful girls, and the proud owner of my first home.   In the seemingly short time it's taken me to add two handsome sons to my family and move into my second home, I have been amazed by how fast my business has grown.  I have had the honor of planning weddings all over my beautiful home state of Maine; from Kennebunkport to Rangely , and Stockton Springs to Northeast Harbor.  I have also had the pleasure of helping brides and grooms from all over the country;  from Guatemala to Montreal, California to New York, and Texas to Wisconsin. I have seen so many amazing couples celebrate their love and commitment. Witnessed thousands of "sweet" moments, and seen bride's and groom's visions come true. 

As I take a look forward to the next five years, I know I need to take my company and brand to the next level.  I will be blogging about this series of changes, which includes rebranding my logo.  I have been working with Emilie Ink and her fabulous designer, Christina.  As Christina and I worked on my new logo I became more and more aware that my company name does not fit ALL that I do.  Over the past few years I have been asked to design and plan events other than weddings.  I work for company's events, as well as bat/bar mitzvahs, and galas.   Therefore, I am changing my business to Sweetest Thing, instead of  Sweetest Thing weddings.  I feel this name better suits my company as a whole.   I look forward to showing off the new logo soon.  We are in the final exciting!

The next exciting news is that over these past five years I have out grown my home office.  We are so excited to say we're moving to a studio in historic downtown Bangor.  We are thrilled with the space and all we plan to do with it.  We look forward to sharing the whole experience with you all.  We will post all the details as we move in, set up, and make it "sweet".   

Here are some memories of the past 5 years...

above photo credit ~Bill Getty  

Photo credit for above photos~ Audra Photography 

Above Photos~ Christy Murray 

Above photos credits~ Michelle Turner 

Photo credit~ Mark McCall 

Above photo credit~ Ferdinand T. Siagian 

Above photo credit~ MTurner Photography

Above Photo By~ Samantha Warren Weddings 

Above photo credit~ Stacey Kane 

Stay Tuned to find out who "WE" are..........

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emilie inc. said...

Yay! Congratulations, Amber! Excited to see this all come together for you!