Monday, April 4, 2011

We Have A Winner, Folks!

And, OMG, she is adorable!

We were overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation while waiting for the winner of the Real Maine Weddings free wedding contest to be announced on Sunday at the Freeport Bridal Show.  We greeted each of the four lovely couples and then took our places in front of the podium to wait for the official word.  When Melanie Brooks, editor of Real Maine Weddings, finally said the words, you can imagine there were a lot of happy tears.  Yes, we cried, too.

 Photo Credit Audra Photography.

After months of waiting, Laura and Nolan received the news they'd been hoping for; they would, officially, be getting married on October 21, 2011 at the Harraseekett Inn in Freeport.  Unfortunately, Nolan couldn't be there because he is a Staff Sergeant in the Army Infantry and currently deployed to Afghanistan.  However, Laura's mother, Nolan's mother, several bridesmaids, and one giddy flower-girl were on hand to share in her excitement and help her celebrate.  You can bet that the girls from Real Maine Weddings, along with Amber and I, did quite a lot of squealing and hugging, too.  We were all beyond thrilled for this charming and beautiful young woman!  As she listened to the details of her wedding package she just seemed to glow, signing the contract with a flourish and a mega-watt smile.

 Photo credit Audra Photography

Laura did say that the contest had worked wonders to distract her from his absence.  She also admitted that the time between now and his return, hopefully in June or July, would be happily involved with wedding planning that would hopefully serve as a continued distraction.  Laura is a self-described wedding addict who has been waiting for her wedding day nearly all of her life. Well, Laura, it's almost here and Amber and I are so excited to be able to guide you through the next several months of coordinating the event, choosing decor, dress shopping, and cake tasting!

If you haven't seen it yet, you have to check out her adorable video.  You will totally understand why she won, and you'll be as excited as we are about sharing in her big day.

Congratulations, Laura & Nolan!  Get ready for the ride of your life!

Please keep checking back for updates, and to read a blog from Laura herself about what it felt like to win!

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