Friday, May 11, 2012

An Intimate Camden Maine Wedding...

Okay, this has to be one of our all-time favorites.  Why?  Because it's proof of two things.

One: A small wedding can be just as lavish and elegant as a big one.  A small crowd does not necessarily mean a casual one.  The right venue, the perfect flowers, and lots of candlelight equates to big-time romance.

Two (and this one's the best one): The longer you live, the better love gets.  Gulp.  It's true, folks.

Enter Alejandra and Fred, both in their fifties and totally gaga for each other.  When Alejandra walked out on the patio of the Camden Harbor Inn to join her groom and speak her vows, we could all feel how crazy in love they were.  There they stood underneath our beautiful hand-made Chuppah, decorated with scads of Baby's Breath and hydrangea.  She was, in a word, radiant, and the look of sheer adoration on his face brought us to tears.  We can't make this stuff up!

The Camden Harbour Inn provided the perfect backdrop; a thoroughly contemporary space situated inside of a gorgeous Victorian Shell.  Trust us, it works.  The existing color palette of red, deep purple, and white was our inspiration, and boy were we inspired!  We created low centerpieces of deep red David Austin roses, ornamental ginger, and black calla lilies.  Each one was accented with a purple damask ribbon.  We then finished off the tables by adding a touch of sparkle with gold crackle votive holders--there were dozens of them!

As we reviewed these pictures last week, they took our collective breath away and we hope you'll feel the same way about them.  Congratulations Alejandra & Fred!!

**Special thanks to Amy Wilton Photography for these gorgeous pictures!

Chuppah decorated with Baby's Breath and Hydrangea.  Photo courtesy Amy Wilton.

Chuppa with Baby's Breath & Hydrangea.  Photo courtesy Amy Wilton.
Long centerpiece with David Austin roses, calla lilies, ornamental ginger.  Photo courtesy Amy Wilton.
David Austin roses, ornamental ginger, calla lilies, poppy pods.  Photo courtesy Amy Wilton.
Long tables, red, green, purple centerpieces.  Gold votives.  Photo courtesy Amy Wilton.  

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