Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So, Here's What You Missed...

I don't know how many of you out there are Glee fans, but I just freakin' love that show.  All I have to do is hear that opening line followed by the speedy pace of the recap and I am in the zone.  We have done a horrible job at keeping you all up to date on the happenings of the Real Maine Wedding of the Year, so I'm going to catch you up to speed, Glee style.

So, here's what you missed...

Alyssa and Nick met at Gifford's Ice Cream right before Alyssa started college at Colby College, where Nick was already a student.  They fell madly in love and decided to get married.  They submitted a video of their story to the Real Maine Weddings Contest and won a totally outrageous Real Maine Wedding!

The whirlwind began with a trip to Sweetest Thing Studio in Bangor where we showed them three different moodboards based on their style and preferences.  It was voted on by all of you lovelies, and this is the one that won:

Romantic theme.  Color palette of pink, purple, robin's egg blue.  Pedestal vessels, stalk, David Austin roses, Anemones, hydrangea. 
Then, Nick and Alyssa went to pick out their stationery.  After spending an epic afternoon at Papier Gourmet in Portland, they narrowed their choices to their three favorite, and this is the one that won (don't worry, the colors will be changed to fit the mood board colors):

Whimsical Calligraphy letterpress on thick card stock with custom color accents.  Photo Credit: Emilie, Inc.
Following was a day of dress shopping and cake tasting.  Cake designs haven't yet been put up to a vote, but we can assure you it will be as beautiful as it will delicious.  Jessica Parrott of Nothing Bakes Like A Parrott is nothing short of amazing.  Keep an eye out for voting on her creations.  Do these not look absolutely delicious?

Cupcake madness!  Nom nom nom! Photo credit: Emilie, Inc.

In the meantime, check out the dress that you all chose for Alyssa!  She is going to be smashing, ay?  Thanks to Spoil Me Bridal for donating this knock-out!

Lea Ann Belter's "Tess".  Photo Credit: Emilie, Inc. 
You also voted for the lovely and deserving couple to honeymoon in fabulous Jamaica!  Thanks to Hurley Travel Experts for this amazing Sandals vacation!

Jamaica, baby!
And, that's what you missed!  (cue the music!)

So, go now and vote on Alyssa's wedding band choices.  She has already said she is partial to the sapphires, just in case that was critical to your voting process.

Thanks all you sweet things.  See you soon!

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Nancy said...

Beautifully said, my dear. Am a Glee fan too...are we going to dance at this wedding!!! Great recap of an incredible journey. What fun we had with the "tasting" of the food options. Couldn't have more capable, fabulous, passionately involved wedding planners. They make everything so FUN! Thank you for all you've done and do.