Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spread the Love!

So, we all know how much work goes into making sure a wedding day is perfect, don't we?  Every vendor in the industry has had to duck and cover at some point, proving that an event day is really more of a production than anything else.  As long as everyone behind the scenes has the same goal in mind, which should be creating a seamless and stress-free event for the couple and their guests, everyone will have a good time and walk away feeling like the day was ultimately a success.

Sweetest Thing takes great pride in knowing and respecting each and every one of the vendors that we work with.  We understand that they are bringing a talent or skill to the table that makes their contributions to an event invaluable.  Our job is to help couples bring each of these artists and/or craftspeople together to facilitate a shared vision.  We wouldn't be doing our job well if we micromanaged or unnecessarily criticized the way an expert does a job we surely couldn't do ourselves.  We are thankful for the presence and cooperation of every vendor that helps make an event everything a couple dreamed.

In theater, if someone forgets a line, it is important that no one in the audience pick up on it, which means that one of two things needs to happen.  The first is that the actor think fast enough to just keep going.  The second is that someone else on stage thinks fast enough to save the day and just keep going.  The end result is the same; JUST KEEP GOING!  Remember that you are now part of a team of players and the best way to showcase your talent is to work well with others.

Sure, we know that sometimes hiccups happen.  We may occasionally run into folks who are not as easy to work with as we'd hoped, or maybe the couple didn't choose a vendor we recommended.  That stinks, but doesn't it behoove everyone, most especially the bride and groom, to just roll with the punches and stick to whatever it is YOU do best?  In the end, your willingness to work as part of a team and check your ego at the door will only serve to make you look like the stellar professional we know you are!

I leave you with a little wisdom from Shel Silverstein.

Thanks, Shel.  We can all use a few more hugs!  :~)

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