Friday, December 11, 2009

For Sasha~ Inspiration Board #1

Sasha is the bride that wedding planner/designers dream of. She know what she likes but trusts my design capabilities. When I met her in Portland, we began to discuss her vision and her family and friends. I knew instantly that the perfect venue for her fall wedding was the Asticou Inn. The Asticou is one of my favorite venues. Their service and staff are impeccable and their view is breathtaking. It is perfect for city and country folk alike with shopping, restaurants and Acadia National Park five minutes away.
Mount Desert Island is a great location for a destination wedding.

As I talked to Sasha I knew her style screamed a vintage, elegant, tented wedding.

When I showed her a picture of a Sperry Tent, she fell in love as well. These tents create an empty canvas where any design will pop!! When talking about colors she talked about soft pastels, but didn't seem sold on it. As I pushed her further and asked her what flowers she was drawn to she said dahlias. Bold and unique flowers, I decided to do bold colors with a deep plum as the base color, using orange, yellow, pink, and reds in vintage vases and tins to make the colors pop. This is only a suggestion as we are still looking for dresses, etc. However, I wanted to show Sasha how her wedding could be unique, bold without being over the top. Hope you like it!!!

I am calling this Inspiration Board #1. Let's see what Sasha likes and what she wants to tweak. Designing is a continuous process of change until we find a design that grab the essence of the bride and groom

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Kyle Burnell said...

Great colors. I love vintage stuff being incorporated into weddings. I loved shooting at the Asticou Inn :)