Friday, January 1, 2010

My Kate Parker Wedding has LAUNCHED!!

Kate Parker is an incredible planner out of New Hampshire. I have admired her work for years and after this past year getting to know her I am pleased to call her a friend. She has created a revolutionary new planning site, My Kate Parker Wedding. This site is fantastic. As a planner, and member of the My Kate Parker Family,I can display as many of my photos and weddings I want. I have been having a blast looking back at weddings of the past few years and relished in the couples and their details. For Brides it is the most amazing place to get inspired and find vendors to fit any budget. Here is my Profile, sign up, check it out, and here are some of my favorite photos of the past couple years....

What a great couple of years I have experienced. I am so blessed to have LOVED my brides and my job so much. I have worked with incredible vendors and venues. I have gotten to hear some amazing love stories. I have been challenged and expanded my design work. It has been an amazing year. I am thankful for Kate for a new friendship, business opportunity, and collaboration. I think with My Kate Parker Wedding, vendors within the wedding industry can challenge and encourage each other. This process, in the end, makes an incredible product and service for our Brides, which is our main goal. What a win-win situation, what a great idea Kate!! Congratulations on your successful launch!!

Photo credit. Top Photo by Michelle Turner
Butterfly Photo by Bill Getty
Bottom Photo by Christy Murray
All other Photos by Audra Photography

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