Friday, March 5, 2010

Irish and French Inspired Wedding


Liz called and asked for me to help her design her August wedding. When we discussed her vision, she talked about her and her fiance's heritage. Her soon to be husband is of French decent and will be saying his vows in French. (So sweet!!) Liz is from Irish decent. The color palette chosen was a deep navy blue and Kelly green to represent France and Ireland. My concept is to keep that Ireland vs. France inspiration using the Fleur-Di-Lis and Irish love knot, as well of stone accents. To start the design we will use the palette of navy in the linens and bridesmaid dresses. Then using bright, beautiful green flowers: Green Hydrangeas, green roses, spider mums, poppy seed pods, and (of course) bells of Ireland.
Details will be in the escort cards that will be postcards from Ireland and France, that will be on a grass covered escort card table. Tables will be named of towns in Ireland and France. The Escort Table will be covered in grass with vintage postcards from Ireland and France nestled inside.....a little piece of Ireland and their famous grassy fields. To keep a European feel I will use long reception tables. The linen will be in a Royal Blue....then down the center of the tables different sized vases with green flowers.... to add texture stonework pieces like garden Fleur-Di-Lis and stone vessels fill with green flowers will be added to give the feeling of the French and Irish countryside...Also, the napkin detail will be a twine love knot. Stonework will be used in the ceremony flowers and specialty flowers to give a European feel.

I love when a design is based on a story, a history, a passion. What a beautiful way to celebrate a new life then honoring your heritage and the new future these two histories will create....

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the damask vase centerpieces of differing heights! Where did you find those? How could I make them myself? I'm on a tight budget and this could be the perfect DIY project! I searched for vases but couldn't find any that didn't cost a bundle, especially considering the purchase of paper, ribbon, foam, flowers, etc. Please pass this idea on! It is a great one!