Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain Plan!

With all this rain here in Maine, I thought it would be apropos to discuss the concept of a rain plan.  I know it is a touchy subject for brides planning an outdoor wedding, or any wedding at all.  Brides cling to the farmer's almanac, pray to the rain gods, and even beg their planners to "make" it not rain.  As the day gets closer, brides stalk the weather channel and check the ten day, then five day forecast for minute by minute updates.  Save yourself the stress and prepare a rain plan that you love "almost" as much as the original.   Here are some simple tips on making a sound rain plan that will give you peace of mind....

  • I always plan as if it is going to rain, then you can be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't.  That means, have an indoor location that fits ALL your guests comfortably. This doesn't mean that everyone needs to sit, just be comfortable.
  • If you are determined on being outside, put a tent on hold, and you can decide up to three days before your event, whether or not you want it to go up.  Remember,  you still need to pay for the tent even if you do not use it.
  • Buy umbrellas for all your guests to use.  This is a fun and cute way to kindly ask your guests to sit in the rain.  Umbrellas come in many colors and fabrics, to add a fun touch, you can also have them personalized with your names, monogram or graphic that fits your theme. 
  • Have a rain plan ceremony.  If you are going to ask your guests to sit outside have a "rain plan" ceremony, shorten it so no one gets soaked or too cold.
  • If as the day gets closer and there is nothing but rain in the forecast, buy your bridesmaids fun Wellies  so they will be more comfortable and their heels won't sink into the ground.  
  • Embrace the change in plans.  Have pictures with your new rainy day props- remember guests take their cues from the bride.  If you are having fun and enjoying your day, they will as well.  
  • Remember Alanis Morissette said that it's ironic to have it rain on your wedding day, but in Hindu tradition it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day... I think the Hindus have it right...

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Michele Stapleton said...

Super idea for a post.

I also tell brides (if it's not too late) to check's trip planner function to see what the weather is typically like on the day they're considering for their wedding day. If history says it's likely to be cold and/or rainy and you are flexible, then maybe you want to rethink your date and ease it over to another month which is typically dryer and/or warmer.

I also tell them not to be too depressed if the ten-day forecast says rain. Doesn't it ALWAYS? A ten-day forecast is usually not that precise. There is still plenty of time for the weather to change.

If it DOES rain and you're moved indoors, it's not the end of the world. Allow yourself a quick cry to mourn the demise of your carefully planned outdoor wedding, but then wipe your eyes, fix your make-up and get ready to party! Remember, you're still marrying your best friend in the world, you've still gathered your family and very best friends, you've still got great food and music, so there's no reason not to have a terrific day.

And, if it doesn't rain, but it's still sort of overcast or blah skies, I tell the couple that their photos will be incredible. Soft (overcast, cloudy) light is the very best for photos! So, they will most likely end up with MUCH better photos than the couple that has blue skies and full sun--folks also have heavy shadows and folks with squinting eyes.

Ya gotta always find the silver lining!