Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Secret Garden, L-Factor's Hair Show, 2010

When the Ladies of the L-Factor asked me if I wanted to particapated in their annual hair show, I gave them a quick and sure YES!!! These women are experts at what they do! They come with me to most of my events to do hair and make up. Gina and Jodi, the co-owners are skilled and calm and create a great environment for brides. Gina also makes custom couture hair pieces. The whole staff at the L-Factor are young and totally in tune with fashion. Each year the woman at the L-Factor do a Hair show, in a true New York Style! Over the top, dramatic hair and make up to showcase their incredible abilities. Each year is a different theme, and the woman transform the salon into a runway show. This year the event is the Secret Garden. When designing the after party I wanted it to have a earthy feel. I am having the event at a local posh bar that is full of brick work with copper accents. This will truly accent the Earthy feel. The centerpieces will be moss with rocks and votives with a tall vase with a submerged black calla. The outside will be lined with lumineres that were made in brown bags to keep the earthy feel. I will have moss filled urns on the bar along with tall centerpieces filled with sand, rocks and sticks covered in Moss. The bar is making special martinis and drinks to celebrate the seven deadly sins that were showcased at the show. The lounge area will be black leather to keep the earthy feel. It will be an amazing event. Pictures will be coming so soon. So here is some of their work that truly blows my mind!
Photo Credit to the following Photographers
Audra Photography
David Murray
Michelle Turner
Stacey Kane

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