Thursday, January 31, 2008

For Leslie and David

Leslie and David are getting married in Rangeley Maine, on August 23, 2008. Rangeley is a special place for them as David's family owns a home on the lake, and they vacation there every year. They are getting married at the Loon Lodge and are desiring a look of rustic elegance. This consists of lanterns, herbs and, of course, her one "demand" gardenias. I can't wait for her to see her vision flourish. Leslie has been a doll to work with and really deserves a Sweet wedding.

The pictures above are some of my inspiration.

Some wedding planner advice: Create an inspiration board. You ask, "what is that?" An inspiration board is a scrap book or bulletin board that displays the overall look you want for your wedding. This could be nautical, rustic elegance, or a color, just find pictures that jumps out at you. Cut them out and tape them to a piece of poster board, or put them in a scrapbook. Look at everything, flowers, lightening, colors, dresses, paint chips from home depot. Then bring your inspiration board or notebook of paper with you when you meet vendors. Then they will "see" your vision. Remember most vendors: florists, bakers, wedding planners are artists, we are visual people. You as the bride wants us vendors to create visual assets for your weddings. Whether it be bouquets, centerpieces, cake, your inspiration board will help us "read your mind".

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