Sunday, November 15, 2009

~A Collaboration of Design~ Part 1 The Rehearsal Dinner

The Inspiration:

When beginning the Design Process for the Rehearsal dinner, the Design Team that consisted of Jessika, Judy and Myself, knew two things. First, we knew the the rehearsal dinner was going to be a lobster bake and we didn't want the traditional checked table clothes and a red color scheme. The second point is we wanted to pay tribute to Aron and Gita's film making. When in Boston, Jessi spied a custom fabric that had a vintage 1940s feel. It was an ivory based with slate grey and brown lobsters embroidered. That became the base of the Rehearsal color scheme. With the lobster bake fabric having a vintage feel, that became the over all feel. A "movie/old Hollywood" theme. I truly believe that the details is what makes a design exceptional. Did we do Details. It started with the invitation designed by Ross Corttrell Designs. It was a mechanical piece that looked like a movie ticket. When the guest pulled on the sides it opened up to show the event information, black and white photo booth pictures, courtesy of Maine Photo Booth Co., as well as a "tear off" RSVP. It is so fun to be apart of the "Baking" process for this invitation. Ross, is an amazing designer. You can throw anything to him and he can figure it out. He calls it "Baking" and he is one incredible Baker.

To keep the vintage feel we had a vintage candy buffet with candy donated by NECCO candy company. With Dots and Clark bar, Mary Janes, and Necco displayed for guest to munch on. We also had a Popcorn Buffet donated from Coastal Maine Popcorn Co. We had an variety of six flavored popcorns from Pumpkin Pie to Salt and Vinegar. My favorite was the Chocolate Coconut good. Entertainment is important and allowing your guest to participate in aspects of the event. The Company Mainely Kettle Korn came to the rehearsal dinner and made their homemade Maple Sugar Cotton Candy. The Guest got to watch the entire process. They also were able to get photos in a vintage photo booth from Maine Photo Booth Co.

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