Friday, November 6, 2009

The New York Times!!!

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Stacey Kane

I am so honored that the New York TImes Style Section choose to feature Aron and Gita's wedding for their Vows section. Lambeth, the reporter came to the Retreat at French's Point and met with a lot of the guests as well as the vendors. As a planner it is always exciting to see something you are a part of make it into the national press, but with this couple and their story I feel very humbled. Over 50 vendors donated their time and services for these two people. Many people think it is crazy, donating so much. I challenge anyone who thinks this was a crazy project or over the top in it's size, I would ask you to go to, and watch the trailer and then set your DVR for your PBS channel and watch the film on November 11. You will see why Real Wedding Maine was such a success. The Organization Real Weddings Maine, saw this wedding as an opportunity to give back this incredible couple and put a light on their film as well as Maine as a luxury destination wedding location. I think we succeed in our goals. For a list of all the vendors who participated in this exceptional event, click here

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