Friday, November 20, 2009

Henna by Remarkable Blackbird

When talking about the wedding and the crossing of two cultures, we knew we wanted to share some of the Indian culture with Aron's family. That's when we came to the idea of Henna. Then to find an incredible henna artist was right here in Maine we knew we had to have her. Genevieve (“Nev”) Levin is a full-time henna artist practiced in the art of Mehndi for 12 years. She came to French's point on Thursday evening to do Henna on Gita as well as her and Aron's family. It was what we called a "hen" party were all the women of both family hung out and had henna done. Nev was so fast and her work is amazing, it is one of the elements the guests kept talking about. It was a great way for Aron's family to learn about Gita's culture. One night while I was helping the photographers do shot list, she even did an amazing piece of art on my leg. Here is some of her work from the wedding.

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