Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Little Details

When you ask a guest from a wedding what they remember about an event, it is usually the little details. The thoughtful things a bride and groom do to make their guests more comfortable. We really put a lot of effort into the details for Aron and Gita's wedding. To keep the guest comfortable during a chilly outdoor ceremony, we had lap blankets for the guest to use during the ceremony. As soon as the ceremony was over we had hot apple cider waiting for guest to take the chill off. Snacks and entertainment are always important and we had popcorn and candy for guest to nibble on along with the Delicious hors· d'oeuvre by Silver Tureen. (More to come about the incredible and unique meal.) As well as a photo booth from Maine Photo Booth Co.
The Signature drinks were a blueberry martini, a nod to Maine, and a Chocolate Martini, a nod to the bride and groom, professed chocoholics...
These Simple gestures to your guests do not go unnoticed. Also, these details are a great way to continue to make your wedding personal and continue your theme.

The top picture is a detail I want to highlight. These are custom cufflinks made by CHART metalworks,Charlotte Leavitt, Jeweler. Charlotte makes custom cufflinks using nautical chart maps. They are amazing quality and a great detail. Our were made with French's Point, but you can choose anywhere on the water. It is a great gift for groomsmen or for the groom. Each set can be different, including each link. So, you could have where you got engaged on one link and where you got married on the other.

These are the details that makes your wedding unique to you as a couple as well as to your guests. It can be summed up by an old adage "God is in the details" Meaning - Whatever one does should be done thoroughly; details are important.

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