Monday, November 16, 2009

Inspiration Board for The Reception

When it came to the Reception, we knew we wanted to celebrate Gita's Indian Heritage. That beginning said, we wanted a modern version of the Indian Wedding. This is for two reasons, first Gita's family is of the 1% of India that is Catholic not Hindu. Therefore, a lot of the traditions in the traditional Indian wedding are not applicable to Aron and Gita. Also, Aron and Gita are a modern couple, we wanted them to have clean lines to their design. When it came to color, we wanted the base color to be different, we decided on Slate Grey after elephant skin. Elephants are native to India, in fact at Gita's family home in India they have pet elephants. We also wanted to give Gita her favorite color, Marigold. To find a complimentary color to marigold we wanted a red. However, not your typical red. That is when the Poppy was discovered in a side dish we liked, poppy red. When investigating in the poppy flower we learned it was a symbol for Veterans. That seemed too perfect and we knew the modern design and meaning behind the poppy it was our continuing theme in the decor.

The Poppy~ It was EVERYWHERE!! It started again with the invitation by Ross Corttrell Designs. He hand cut a modern poppy in a beautiful poppy red paper. It was applied to a crinkly grey paper that was designed to look like elephant skin. When Ross found the paper and showed Jessi and I, we literally jumped up and down. It was simply perfect. We then had poppies in all the accents. Paper poppies like those given by veterans were made and then used as the escort cards. The Cake had an Amazing Hand Made gum paste poppy on it, made by Let Them Eat Cake. The two lounge areas had Poppy Pillows by Pottery Barn. Maine Photo Booth Co. Custom wrapped their photo booth with a poppy design on a slate grey background. The Place setting cards and Table numbers were made by Ross as well and had a screened poppy on the paper with an overlay of the name or number in slate grey. Finally, Gina Leonard, co-owner of the L factor, custom made hair pieces for Gita short hair. The Reception piece was a poppy with vintage crystal accents in the center.

Marigold~ The Program for the Ceremony was in a Marigold Yellow paper with a screened poppy in the background, as well as many of the flowers and garland made by Judy of Flora Fauna Designs were Marigold in color. However the "piece de resistance" was the AMAZING custom marigold bolero! It was made by clothing designer Sandy Mckeen and it was out of this world gorgeous. Marigold looks so sensational on Gita's skin and it kept her warm as well.

Slate Grey- The Elephant Skin inspired grey was in the Paper for the invitation, escort cards, and the amazing Silver Fortuny table linens from Over The Top Rental .

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