Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gotta LOVE a great steal!

I found these beautiful Italian Glass drink dispensers on Clearance!!! Nothing feels better then a good steal! They will be beautiful for displaying lemonade and ice tea for your guest to sip on before the ceremony or for a rehearsal dinner.
I am starting to acquiring high end merchandise for my brides to rent. My hope is that my brides have high quality beautiful detail pieces without spending tons of money. It just never made sense to me why three of my brides would all buy vase and glassware for a Candy Buffets and then never use it again. Two things happen, either one, they buy cheaper glassware to save money, but they don't love it. Or they buy what they love and then spend hundreds of dollars on one detail of the wedding. My goal is that my brides can have gorgeous containers for their candy buffet and adorable silver scoops or Italian glass dispensers for pomegranate lemonade, or raspberry ice tea.
I hope to update my website soon with all my inventory, I'll keep you posted on all my steals!

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