Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of my passions....fruit!

Here are two weddings in which I used one of my favorite tools of the trade, fruit. I think fruit has such a natural beauty and can be as elegant and lovely as flowers. Each season has so many fruit to work with and guests love escort cards that they can munch on. Fruit can also be an inexpensive alternative to large flower arrangements.

The picture on the above right we used Apples to hold the table numbers instead of a stand. Apples can be a whole theme of your wedding and be used in the flowers, escort cards and even have apple pie instead of cake, it would be beautiful if you were getting married in an orchard or in the fall. It would also be cute for a bride or groom who is a teacher or doctor. Your imagination can run wild with the possibilities for this fruit.

The photo on the Left is an Asian Pear that was used in a fall wedding. Noelle is thinking of using clementines as escort cards. I also had a bride who used lemons and limes to make their daisies pop for a beautiful spring wedding. I would love to work with kumquats just because I think they are so cute! I wanted to talk about beautiful fruit and seasonal delights because as I am looking out my window and it is snowing!!! I am so tired of snow! I know what I need a pomegranate Martini with a slice of star fruit.....yum!

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