Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!!

Today is my assistant, Heather, birthday. Since I love her I won't tell you how old she is...but she is a stunner! I am so lucky to have such a great assistant. She is such a hard worker and a great friend. Here she is helping me with Carrie and Adam's wedding. I was due to have Thomas in four days. She made more trips up and down that hill for me, such a hard worker. In Heather's previous life she was a Marine, and she was hard core, still is. She was stationed in Japan and California. She is the proud Mother of two beautiful girls, Ella and Evelyn. Happy Birthday Heather!!!
Side note: Man, I was the size of a whale!! I kept telling Carrie and Adam they were crazy to hire me. Thanks for trusting me stomach and all! This is the most pregnant I ever was for a wedding. The other time was when I was eight months. The Father of the Bride was a doctor as well as one of the brothers of the bride and many of the guests. My funniest wedding moments ever was at that wedding when a very drunk Doctor came up to me dancing and said, "keep those knees together beautiful, I haven't delivered a baby since my first year of residency." I almost died laughing, he was a top surgeon in the Bangor area. Another reason why I love my job, dancing and alcohol, it can be a dangerous combination, no matter how much education you have!

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