Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It is all how you look at it!

So it is Wednesday....the middle of a very busy week. As I am getting ready to leave Peter with the kids for the weekend, except Thomas. Therefore I am trying to get my house in order....Spring Cleaning. I like to remember it is all how you look at things. Like I said in a previous post we are expanding our kitchen. It is going to be gorgeous, but right now it is in transition. I really struggle with transition. So I needed to remember, it is all how you look at it. When the kids have taken out EVERY toy in the playroom, I need to see how creative their play is Not that it is a HUGE mess. Wedding are the same way. The day is going to be amazing and so much fun, and everything that you dreamed. Your marriage is going to be great, being with the one you love! But the details leading up to that day is a big transition, or in my case a messy house =) So you don't get overwhelmed let's remember it is how you look at it. I like to look at the "big picture" What do you see your day looking like? Rustic in a barn, Modern, Classic, Nautical? Are there tons of flowers? Or is their tons of Candles? Are your guest dancing the night away, or lounging on couches and munching on delicious food. Once you see the Big picture break it down into the details. What is most important? What kind of flowers? Then use your budget to figure out where to put your money. If you love a certain site, then go there but remember you may need to compromise on how much flowers you have or if you have ballroom chairs versus garden chairs. Some your messy house is a more manageable house full of fun! Hope you have a great Wednesday and remember it all how you look at it!

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Anonymous said...

Love the metaphor, and LOVE you!