Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Kate Parker Wedding GTG!!!

I was honored a few months ago to connect with Kate Parker and her newest adventure. It is My KPW an interactive vendor directory. It is an amazing opportunity. It has been a blast to watch it start to grow and to see Kate's vision come to a fantastic reality. Just to be a small part of it is so exciting! I truly believe this will change how everyone, bride and vendor, look at the wedding planning process. Kate is really working hard to make MyKPW have a "family" feel. She hosts get-togethers regularly in different locations. I was able to make the last one at the Emilie Inc. Studio. This dessert and wine party was fabulous!!! The incredible dessert were made by Jessica Parrott of Nothing Bakes Like A Parrott. Soooooo GOOD!!! Perfect for your dessert buffet at your reception or rehearsal dinner. Emilie Studio is adorable, showcasing her amazing work and has a adorable lounge area, as well as a work area. She was such a gracious host and such a trooper. Emilie had an pneumonia!!

Please check out Emilie's blog for all the pictures. Emilie and Kate thank you for hosting this event. Jessica, your dessert were incredible!!!

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emilie inc. said...

It was great to have you and everyone else come, despite my not feeling 100%. Come back soon, Amber! xo