Saturday, December 5, 2009

Inspiration becomes Reality,The Bon Voyage Brunch!!

The result was a beautiful and calm brunch. The guests were invited as well as all the vendors who volunteered their services and products to this project. The vendors were able to meet Aron and Gita, and the stars of, The Way We Get By. The AMAZING brunch was provided by Creative Catering from Stockton Springs. The Piano music was performed by Carl Sauter. Flora Fauna created the tablescape.
Aron and Gita asked Jessi and I if they could give something to each vendor as a token of their thankfulness. They gave all the vendors a copy of their film that inspired this project. Then Stars of the Film as well as Aron and Gita signed and spoke with each vendor and thank them for their participation. It was such a humbling experience at the end of this weekend to see how one inspirational story, could produce such an event. Jessi and I are so thankful for all the vendors who gave their time, product, and talents to make Aron and Gita's wedding such a success.
Photo Credit to the Real Weddings Maine AMAZING Photography Team
Audra Photography
David Murray
Michelle Turner
Stacey Kane

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